Those donuts look absolutely delicious!!! Also happy Birthday to you both!! 🎂🥳

Aaaaaaaand since you probably spent the whole time you were writing causing your characters pain (ideally, of course), which one caused you the most pain?

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I would like to hear both of you read an excerpt from pages 111! I really loved the info in this episode and put it up on facebook. I learned a lot and have preordered from a local indie AND requested both books at my local library!! Who knew how important those were?

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happy belated kate & amie days!!!!!! (amie, i sure hope you get a re*do-- & it sounds like kate is stilllll celebrating, so maybe get in on that... ) ;D

in regards to pre*orders from indie booksellers: i REALLY appreciate you specifying that. specifically the fact that it ought to come from more than one indie-- as opposed to just from where the author is doing personalized signed copies at launch...

ever since 2020, i've been making a habit of collecting a signed indie pre*order every month... and 90% of the time, from a debut author and from the author's own local indie. which is why sometimes i don't pre*order (sending me those surprise gifts to future me!) until i learn which store they're using...

so i guess i ought to be more flexible and just use my local indie (pay a little more; support my own community; and by request, maybe get it into the hands of MORE readers who might not be safely-cyber-stalking her favorite authors' instagrams....) ;)

anyway: appreciate you gals and excited to put your books on my 2023 pre*order calendar! (yes, i keep a list...)

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that's an amazing habit to cultivate! I, too, try to pre-order from many different indies, but do try to pop into my local whenever I can. It's lovely to get to know your local bookseller and see what they're excited to read.

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